The Blocform Global Token will Revolutionize How Stars and Fans Interact in the 21st Century.

The BlocForm Global Token (BFG Token) is based on Ethereum and ERC20 cryptocurrencies which use blockchain technology to secure and validate transactions without the involvement of 3rd parties.

BFG Token is on the way to break down old barriers between fans, celebrities and consumers by opening a direct channel of communication and trusted e-commerce transactions in the Entertainment & Travel Industry.

The Advantages and Differentiation of BFG Token

BlocForm Global had successfully built a ready to use eco-system for fans, travelers, and consumers around the world to utilize BFG token for their only payment.


BFG Payment gateway is Ready for services:

1. Mobile APP World Celebrities

  • Collecting Big Data: 100,000,000 fans (download digital content)
  • Membership fee
  • Revenue from Advertising Services
  • Revenue from Stickers Selling

2. Mobile APP E-Commerce

  • Selling Products/Services to The Global Market
  • BFG Payment Gateway in The Global Market
  • Business Owners and Members Create their Online Store with Their Merchandise

3. Online Booking Service

  • Booking Fights, Hotels, & Resorts in 200 countries
  • Airport VIP Turnkey Services Including Membership
  • BFG Payment Gateway for Online Booking

Proven Eco-system to Facilitate Trade

BlocForm Global has an established international eco-system with partners from USA–China-Japan-Korea-India within the entertainment, travel and merchandise industries ready to accept BFG tokens to purchase exclusive content as well as other goods and services.

Blocform has set up partnerships with Gudao Culture, Global Topstars and TopTrade together representing over 150,000 subscribers and 1 million fans. This community is ready to be involve in the unique e-commerce platform developed by BlocForm.

When people uses BFG Tokens, they only pay minimal transaction fees but no additional third-party fees like ticket service or agent fees. Blocform Global wants you to keep more of your money and the artists to focus on their platform rather than worrying about the yesteryear financial barriers in the music and entertainment industry.

Top Trade Eco-system

Top Trade Platform, is invested by BFG, in providing to merchants and consumers in global scale trading community with the ease of using BFG token as the mean of direct online payment.

The merchants only takes 5 minutes to open a new online store.

Consumers can chat and purchase easily with Top Trade Platform.

BFG’s Potential Value

Entertainment is always a need for everyone. Global TopStars App is world wide celebrities’ platform which quickly draws in fans from all over. It is a place where BFG token is used to purchase digital contents such as Music Audio, Music Videos, Movie and Sticker collections from idols.

Top Trade App Platform provides the ultimate online platform payment solution. Where as consumers and merchant globally use BFG Token to purchase goods and services through online stores that is built based on Top Trade App.

Online Booking Service by Top Trade App provides to consumer the convenience for travelers in booking flight tickets and hotels in over 200 countries with BFG Token.

Which result the BFG token’s Value is continuously increased.

Global TopStars Platform
(for Fan Community)
  • The more Celebrities use App
  • The more Digital Contents offer Fans
  • The more Fan Communities will be attracted (fan community expantion)
  • The more BFG Token will be used toward Digital Contents
Top Trade Platform
(for Consumer Community)
  • The more merchants use Top Trade for trading
  • The more goods and services will be showed and sold on online stores.
  • The more BFG Token will be used toward purchasing goods and services.

The VALUE of BFG Token will be dramatically inscreased in near future!

BlocForm Features

All Investors, Travelers, and Fans Around the World Buy and Use BFG Tokens as a Smart Solution for Online Payment to enjoy a luxurious and convenience lifestyle.

API for advertisers and digital agencies

Advertising dashboard for brands with integrated analytics and billing

Unique E-Commerce Store for Businesses to Sale Marchandises/ Services

Celebrities’ Online Store functionality

Live Stream for Celebrities to sale tickets and receive gifts from fans

Analytical data panels


Benefit for the Investor

Investors will see the value in the BFG cryptocurrency not only because it is the wave of the future, but because BFG coins will be extensively used and traded in the thriving entertainment, media production and travel eco-system. Blocform Global’s intention is for the community to spend BFG coins to create a better lifestyle by enjoying entertainment and travel experiences, as well as encourage entertainers to provide quality services to their following. When everyone sees these benefits, the value of the BFG coin is sure to follow suit.

Benefit for Fans, Celebrities and Artists

Followers and fans can enter and subscribe to the eco-system by using a mobile or desktop app to purchase concert tickets, download music, buy autographed posters, view live concert streaming and book airline tickets using BFG coins. Fans can also be awarded BFG coins in exchange for reviewing songs or having high activity levels in the eco-system similar to earning points on a rewards card. Celebrities and artists can produce and publish their own music, videos, concert footage or personal interviews and get paid directly by their fans for these services using BFG coins.

Benefit for Advertising and Marketing

Collecting data on economic and social activity online is big business. Because the Blocform Global eco-system will already have a platform to monitor all activities, interests and transactions, this data can be used to effectively measure customer sentiment, target a specific demographic, identify consumer interests and view overall sales. This type of information will attract advertisers into the eco-system in order to reach the right audience and foster highly successful marketing campaigns. Additionally, artists can use this data and hone in on the services that their fans like most.

The Successful Cases of Collecting & Using BIG DATA

Partners in the Eco-system

Blocform’s Global Platform


Eco-system Developer

Road Map

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